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Thread: Macaroni Pie

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    Macaroni Pie

    This is something I grew up eating as a snack! This could be breakfast with coffee or late night treat!

    Italian Style Macaroni Pie

    1 lb Spaghetti
    8 eggs
    1 cup of parmesean cheese (could use 1 1/2 if you like a lot of cheese)
    Pinch of salt (parm cheese tends to be salty)
    Black Pepper (to taste)

    Cook spaghetti until al dente (not soft) Make sure its cooled to avoid scrambling the eggs

    Beat eggs, cheese, salt and pepper. Combine with cooked macaroni once cooled.

    Heat frying pan to med heat with about 1tbsp of Olive Oil. Add spagetti mixture and cover with lid. Once you notice the edges browning push from the sides a little to check bottom. If golden brown you then use the lid to flip the pie and return it back to the pan! Cook through until bottom is golden brown and inside is cooked through.

    To know if its done push the spatula on the middle if he moves its not done yet!

    I usually dip it into some sugar or sprinkle sugar on top! I know it sounds wierd but belive me this is absoulley delicous.

    You could also add things like ham, tomatoes, salami, things like that !

    Hope you enjoy! ( I am still learning to write recipes so if you notice I need help all is appreciated)

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    Re: Macaroni Pie

    Looks yummy to me!

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    Re: Macaroni Pie

    Made some today for Easter! Yum Yum

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    Re: Macaroni Pie

    Never tried anything like this but I am game. Sounds easy and yummy.

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    Re: Macaroni Pie

    Quote Originally Posted by cali~jenn View Post
    Never tried anything like this but I am game. Sounds easy and yummy.
    The only hard part is flipping it over into the pan! Im not even going to lie

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    Re: Macaroni Pie

    I am going to try to make this tonight, but substituting zucchini for the spaghetti (since we are trying to eat more veggies). I am excited that I might find something I like to make using zucchini.

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