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    EASY Chicken Stir Fry

    This is quite funny actually. I love discovering good food by accident so here is the story!

    Hubby made some barbecued chicken tenderloins two nights ago. He "slow" cooked them on the grill. WELL.... What should have been a delicious barbecue dinner tasted more like chicken jerky smothered in BBQ sauce. It was bad, they were so tough!!! I think he must have cooked them TOO slow. Needless to say only half of it was eaten, whereas usually they would be gone.

    So now I'm stuck with half a pan of jerky chicken smothered in sauce that no one wants to eat.

    I go to the pantry looking for a way to salvage the poor meat. I was not going to let these poor chickens die in vein, they must be eaten!

    I had a couple of packages in the pantry of Teriyaki Asian Noodles. This is the Knorr kind I think. Who knows how long they have been in there, because I rarely make processed side dishes. So I decide I'm going to rinse the barbecue sauce off the chicken, cut it up into small pieces, and add it to these Asian noodles.

    Off to the freezer! I have a bag of Normandy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, squash and baby carrots from Costco). I fill up a bowl of these into corningware (about 3-4 cups) with glass lid, and microwave/steam for 10 minutes, toss and steam again for another 5 minutes. Just raw, no salt pepper or butter.

    I cooked the Asian noodles per instructions. Since I had two packages, I doubled the instructions hoping it wouldn't ruin it. So 3 cups water and 2 TBSP oil.

    Added the contents of the package as per instructions, but also added my dehydrated jerky chicken at the same time, cooking on medium heat for 7 minutes. Once it was done, I tossed in my steamed veggies.

    Okay WOW!!!! This was soooooo good!!! And so easy to make!!! The chicken was now tender and delicious and the fresh veggies made it so delicious. Although you could use a stir fry veggie mix I really liked it with the Normandy mix. I will be making this again for sure!!

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    Re: EASY Chicken Stir Fry

    Ahhhh, I love a salvaged disaster!
    And it sounds tasty!

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    Re: EASY Chicken Stir Fry

    You made lemonade out of lemons, Lisa! Bravo!!

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