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Thread: Coffee Cake

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    Re: Coffee Cake

    I never tried this coffee cake but after reading this new recipe i will definitely try this new thing. I love to drink coffee so i will try to make this coffee cake today.
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    Re: Coffee Cake

    @cali baker
    Lovely. I love coffee cakes and everything that has coffee in it. I would love to try this with some modifications and put in my blog. Would you mind?

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    Coffee Cake

    Nice recipe and looking something new that i never tried before. Thanks for this lovely new kind of recipe.
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    Re: Coffee Cake

    Yammy! A lot of good recipes here! Thanks!)
    Try this recipe - Vegan Blueberry Mug Cake
    ⅓ cup Blueberry
    5-7 soaked overnight Almond nuts
    4 tbsp Whole-wheat flour
    2 tbsp Sugar
    1 pinch Salt
    tsp Baking powder
    8 tbsp Almond Milk
    1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    tsp Vanilla extract

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