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  1. On my menu this week 3-10 to 3-16

    Honey Mustard Chicken with Dill (pasta salad, parmesean noodles)
    Fish La Cruz (bread & rice)
    Cali's Tater Tots Casserole (salad)
    Cali's Max/Erma Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bread)
    Kelly's Chicken & Dressing (mashed pot & corn)
    Kelly's Crockpot Jambalaya (bread)
    Lari's Sausage Swirls (breakfast or lunch)
    Chicken Helper (Normandy Veggies & Biscuits)
    Steak/Butter Beans/Green Beans
  2. Starting my food blog :)

    I think I may start organizing my menus and available meats right here in the blog section. I always have papers and clutter around so this may help me get more organized!!!