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    Got Too Many Peppers? Make Homemade Hot Sauce!

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    Using a variety of peppers from your greenhouse or garden, remove stems (do not cut them off, but rather pluck them), rinse and boil in a pot until they soften slightly. My greenhouse currently has a variety of 7 different peppers, so depending on the heat and flavors each batch of hot sauce comes out a bit differently. I like the sauce to be as "HOT" as possible so fresh off the vine is best. If you do not want them as hot store the peppers in the refrigerator for a couple of days first before preparing, because they will lose a lot of heat once off the vine.

    Fill your blender to the very top with your peppers, straining excess water from them, and add 1/2 cup of vinegar and a couple of TBSP of lime juice. Then boil 1-2 tomatoes until the skins are cracked and the tomato is soft, and add those. Your blender should be pretty full now.

    Salt to taste.

    Heat your mason jars for a few seconds in near boiling water, then fill them with 1/2 inch left at the top.

    Fill your pot so that there is about 1 inch of water covering the jars.

    Seal finger tight with new lid.

    I use the bathing method taught to me by [MENTION=12]dozersmama[/MENTION]: I live at sea level so I only let the water return to boiling and bathe them for about 5-10 mins. The higher in elevation the longer you need to boil them.

    Carefully remove each jar and place on cooling rack. Check them the next morning to make sure none of the seals make a popping noise. Refrigerate any that do and use immediately, store remaining for up to a year.

    Special thanks to [MENTION=12]dozersmama[/MENTION] who taught me how to do this, I had peppers coming out of my ears!

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    Re: Got Too Many Peppers? Make Homemade Hot Sauce!

    If I took care of my garden this year I would have too many.... Been a slacker, sadly. Lol

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