Again very simple even me (the Blonde can do it)

4 egg yolks
400 ml condensed milk
6 tbsp. lime juice -be lazy and don't use limes if you can buy one in the bottle otherwise you need about 5 limes worth
200ml of double cream (thick cream)
Lime zest (for decoration -mine was eaten by a dog before i managed to put it on a cake for the photo )

For the crust:
12 digestive biscuits
45g caster sugar
135g melted butter (unsalted-but i never follow that one )

1) preheat oven to 175c

2) for the pie crust ,lightly grease 22cm across the top metal or glass pie dish with a little of melted butter .blend digestive biscuits ,caster sugar and rest of the melted butter in a food processor or a blender for that matter until mixture look like breadcrumbs .

3) transfer to a pie dish and spread over the bottom and up the sides ,firmly pushing the mixture down.bake for 10 minutes or until lightly browned.remove from oven and place dish on a wire rack to cool.

4) for the filling -mix egg yolks in a bowl ,while whisking /mixing gradually add condensed milk until smooth.mix in lime juice ,then pour filling into pie crust and level over with a back of a spoon or knife

5) return to the oven for 15 minutes then place on a wire tack to cool ,refrigerate for 6 hours but mire the better

6) to serve whip cream until just holds stiff peaks and spread it all over And if your dog haven't eaten lime zest add it for a decoration