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Thread: Easter Dinner?

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    Easter Dinner?

    So whatcha going to have for Easter dinner? I just thought of it now so I have no idea!!!

    Thought I would ask you all to get some ideas
    What's For Dinner?

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    I'm at my mom's for Easter since my hubby is away on business
    We are having corned beef and cabbage, fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, ham, mixed greens, salads, beans, and a host of desserts to include a lower fat version of carrot cake that I am making. There maybe more but that is what I know of so far.
    Have a good celebration. Praise GOD for Jesus!!!

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    Re: Easter Dinner?

    Easter will be at my brother's house for brunch. He's going to smoke a salmon and I'm bringing bagels, cream cheese, onions and capers. We'll also make Mimosas
    I'll probably make a dessert too but haven't decided which one yet.

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    Re: Easter Dinner?

    I am having it here,last minute and easy. Most the fam is busy already so it will not be too crazy. Think we will have turkey and ham sandwiches with macaroni salad, beans, hummus,Greek salad, cream cheese dip (low fat,will share if it is good) and fruit. Along with the usual chips, veggies and ranch of course.

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    Re: Easter Dinner?

    We usually have a rack of lamb for Easter. My husband doesn't want anything special this year. Yeah right! He wants me to make Manti. Don't know what that is? Heh heh heh. Me neither. Its a sort of steamed dumpling made with lamb from Uzbekistan. Where did he get that idea? Some internet friends and I are going to cook either the national dish or something from every country on earth. I made the mistake of discussing this with husband #2 and he remembered when he went to Uzbekistan and had these.
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    Re: Easter Dinner?

    I'm going out to my Dad's and he will be smoking some ribs, if I recall correctly. We will be spending most of the day on the shooting range, so dinner will be very low-fuss and attendance-free for the most part. LOL!

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