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    How often do you go grocery shopping?

    I go as less as I possibly can!! I like to have chip go for me. But I do go myself at least once every two weeks.

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    Re: How often do you go grocery shopping?

    Pooh you r SO lucky! I go often! I used to go once a week but since dieting and eating so many veggies I have to go at least 2x a week now. With the kids, which is a pain in my arse and takes 3x longer than it should. The 4 year old says "I hate shopping!" Ugh..... So do I...

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    Re: How often do you go grocery shopping?

    I typically do my big grocery shopping once a week, early on a Saturday morning. Not exaggerating when I say that 80% of those groceries are for my bulldogs, and the other 20% is for me

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    Re: How often do you go grocery shopping?

    HA! I am such a flaky person, that I get anxiety attacks in stores if too many people are too close to me... so as soon as my kids got their driver's licenses, it became their duty to go shopping for the home! LOL! In exchange for supplying you with a vehicle, gas and insurance - you become the "Grocery Slave!"

    Alas, I only got a few years mileage out of that trick...

    Hubby goes about 3/4 of the time, and we only go for a BIG grocery haul about every month or two. I make little quick runs in to the local Organic Store because there are only about six old-people in there at the MOST at any given time... LOL! And I get my veggie delivery every other week.

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