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    Where do you buy your meats?

    I buy 95% of my meats at Costco, but also at the Mexican grocery store since those are the two closest things to a real butcher around here. When we used to travel I loved finding the small butcher shops with so many choices and seasoned meats. Probably the only thing I miss about traveling!

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    Re: Where do you buy your meats?

    Well,we don't have any good butchers locally. I remember growing up and my parents would go to the local butcher shop to get the good cuts of meat for parties and such. Think they fizzled out when grocery stores stepped it up. Sad. I get my meat just at the grocery store now. There is a fabulous Mexican market here as we'll where I buy my crane asada or anything I want pre seasoned like that.

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    Re: Where do you buy your meats?

    I usually go wherever there's a sale on meats. So I'm always looking at the weekly specials. A few wks ago Von's had a sale on whole chicken...something like 48cents/lb so i bought a bunch. Trader Joe's also has some pretty good organic chicken and I regularly buy ground beef there. Then there's this Mexican market for things like liver if I decide to make that for the pooches. Yesterday I went to another grocery store where I frequent for good, inexpensive produce and found some ground pork and beef at a decent price. Basically, I go everywhere!

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