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    Lets talk Burgers

    While I love a good burger when we go out, I think my hubby makes the best!!! We call them Chippy burgers.

    We get the patties from the Costco butcher section. Cooked in the grill with a bit of McCormick season all and splashed with beer.

    Topped with pepper jack or Swiss, bacon and sliced avocados. Yum!!! I use mayo and Texas Pete on mine. Lettuce and tomato are good but it makes them just too big because of the size of the patties so I prefer without.

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    Re: Lets talk Burgers

    I don't make burgers very often sadly. I love a good bacon burger tho! My favorite thing to top a burger with is my jalapeño popper dip. Mmmmmmmmm......

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    Re: Lets talk Burgers

    I haven't made a burger in the longest time myself but hopefully once I get my grill out, I will be making them more often. I like my burgers medium rare and juicy, love topping them off with pepper jack cheese, red onions, and mayo ! U oh, I'm hungry again!

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    Re: Lets talk Burgers

    My husband, being a foreigner and all, claims he does not like hamburgers so we rarely have them. He thinks they should be prepared with seasonings and bread crumbs like a meatloaf (no!). I've tried it and they tend to burn. So, I just yes him to death, and make them how I want. He always winds up liking them when I do make them. For me, the simpler the better. I just like salt and pepper for seasoning. Lettuce, ketchup and sweet pickle relish for toppings. I do like to go all out and use lettuce, avocado, red onions at times.
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    Re: Lets talk Burgers

    A simple cheese burger was good to me. But it was really nice if it was double on the patties and have a lot of veggies on it.

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