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    Sadly this is something I have NEVER had. Sooo I just finished putting some together for tonight's dinner. I love shrimp, I love salsa.... How could it be wrong?! Will post my recipe (which is kinda 2 that I found mixed together) if it turns out as good as I hope.

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    How was it ?

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    Re: Ceviche...

    VERY good!!! Posted the recipe after I tasted it. Instead of chips, we put it inside of crunchy taco shells with the avocado on top. Mmmm..... For the kids (thinking they might try and be pickier about it) I made a quesadilla for them with the ceviche and avocado inside. They loved it and I was a little jealous cuz all those flavors heated up with the cheese actually was delicious! Will be making it again for Father's Day, for a pool party.

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