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    Picky Toddler Advice!

    Bryce has been quite the picky boy lately.

    I usually do not make 'special' food for a picky toddler, but he just does not want to eat anything lately. And I certainly do not want to revolve my dinners around chocolate pudding

    I do notice that he just does not seem interested in eating, at all. Even if he likes it.

    To those who have had toddlers who are picky, how did you resolve the issue?

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    Cant relate so much cuz Sierra eats basically anything depending on her mood and the day. BUT lately she doesnt want to eat so much so I bribe her with tv. haha. If I make something that she refuses to even try I turn off her show (I always let her start her dinner before us so she has a show on and can take her time) and make her take a bite. She usually realizes she likes it and keeps eating. When she slows down too much I then threaten the show again and sure enough she eats pretty good this way. BUT I have to say I have been told how lucky I am that she LOVES food in general.

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    I can't really help much. Only suggest that first you be certain there isn't a medical reason behind his disinterest. Beyond that, I was told many years ago that a toddler will instinctively eat what they need to thrive, if offered healthy choices. Basically if I should offer my son a healthy meal, he would eat whatever part his body needed, and I didn't need to stress over what parts he didn't eat. If he chose not to always eat it wasn't a big deal, that he would eat when he needed to.

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    @LarP is right children eat when they need to. Make healthy meals with ingredients you know he likes, even get him to help a little...this always helped when Connor went through phases of pickyness.....sit down with him and encourage him to try everything. Try not to worry too much and try not to make different meals for him.....i know thats difficult....but as [MENTION=7]LariP[/MENTION] says he will eat what he needs to grow xxx

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    [MENTION=7]LariP[/MENTION] and [MENTION=6]Lambchop[/MENTION]. I totally agree, they will eat when they are hungry. Just keep healthy treats and food close at hand, so if he decides he is hungry at 2 in the afternoon, he can have a small Healthy treat. Over-eating is a learned behavior. "clean your plate" "eat it all or no dessert" etc.... It teaches them to over-eat. I never had to encourage Pierce to eat anything, Ian was not only picky he was ADHD and would take a bite, run around for about 5 mins then come back, he would never just sit down and eat. He would ask "Have I had this before" "did I like it?" If yes was the answer to both, he wouldn't even question it and eat it.
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    I do agree with everyone, if they aren't hungry they are fine. I have learned this the hard way because there are days my girl doesn't hardly eat dinner and then there are days she eats more than us. Also Sierra tends to want carrots and frozen grean beans when my puppies get theirs as a snack so maybe you can offer them to Bryce as your pus get theirs? Sierra even likes frozen lima beans, so funny! She asks for them as if they are candy or something.

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    yep they do go through those "not eating" stages. i like the idea of getting him to be involved with the cooking so maybe that will encourage him to atleast taste everything.

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    I am no expert on this - I do not have kids - but I think that making food kind of fun to eat or finger foods might help. I wanted to contribute this because I just posted a recipe for Pasta with Turkey Meatballs and Bocconcini that I served to my friends children before. It has some fun shapes and textures and the kids (3 and 6) seemed to enjoy picking up the different things - mozzarella balls, meat balls, pasta, tomatoes - and trying them in different combination. I'm guessing that concept could be applied to different kinds of foods at every meal of the day - so just another suggestion - although very uninformed!

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