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    Favourite Pizza Toppings

    Hi, everyone, what are your favourite toppings for Pizza.
    my son and I have a favourite Pizza that we order, it is whole wheat pizza crust, with grilled chicken, (as I don't like pepperoni), roasted red peppers, broccoli, or sometimes we order spinach, fresh garlic, and feta cheese. So YUM. My husband calls it salad on a pizza, and won't touch it. Lol. He gets a pepperoni and pineapple, with extra cheese. He likes all his foods very plain, a meat and potato guy.

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    Re: Favourite Pizza Toppings

    I will eat most any pizza but my favorite all time topping is good ol pepperoni. Now to improve that you can add mushrooms, olives, sausag, bacon, peppers, onions. Basically most anything. Lol! But pepperoni is the one thing I never leave off my pizza.

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    Re: Favourite Pizza Toppings

    I love just about anything and everything on pizza. I especially love anchovies on my pizzas tho many do not share that sentiment. Sad. LOl!

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    Re: Favourite Pizza Toppings

    I like, chicken, pinapple and onions, my husband and son do not! My son just wants cheese, my husband likes a chicken bacon ranch pizza, I do not! LOL, so we usually do 2 one half mine and half cheese and one of my husbands! But I like supreme pizza as well, or an all veggie! I'm not too pick I just don't care for that chicken bacon ranch!

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    Re: Favourite Pizza Toppings

    My new favorite pizza is a Queen Margherita pizza from one of our favorite restaurants (the pizza up here is fabulous). The Queen has fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, fresh basil, and is then drizzled with a balsamic vinegarette reduction. It's amazing!

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