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    Does anyone have a smoker?

    Chip keeps talking about getting a smoker. I am not sure that once the 'novelty' wears off, we will use it much.

    So do you have a smoker and do you use it? What would you recommend?

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    We do have a smoker, hubby got it for me for a bday gift a couple years ago. Unfortunately I havent mastered it at all and am timid to use it too much. My dad used to have a smoker tho and he actually used his almost daily till someone stole it out of the yard.

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    I do not have one and can't think of anyone else that I know that does.

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    My in-laws have one and they smoke the trout we bring home from our fishing trips in it, mmmm so good! My co-worker smokes his ribs for a few hours then BBQ's them. Some of the best ribs I've ever had were smoked so I can imagine his are amazing too. Then my dad has one too and he smokes different pork roasts in there, he loves his smoker. Geez we really should get one for our house!

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    [MENTION=2]Sublime[/MENTION] smoked trout?!?! You need to get details on how to do that please. YUM! We always just fry ours and eat with lemon.

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    [MENTION=17]cali~jenn[/MENTION] I will have to ask. Dave's parents always do it all, we just get sent home with a big bag of the finish product! It's excellent on a bagel like they do with lox or just by itself, yum yum!

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    Yum, this is your new mission then.

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