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    Weird Food/Eating Combinations

    Here's another question: what are your unusual food combinations? For instance, I will sometimes add red onions to my peanut butter sandwich. Something I've been eating for breakfast lately, though not so "weird" and made famous by Elvis:

    Toast with pb&j spread on it, add a strip of fried bacon, top off with sliced bananas! mmm....

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    Re: Weird Food/Eating Combinations

    I'm going to have to on this one!

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    Re: Weird Food/Eating Combinations

    Need to on this weird food combination but here are some that's clicks

    1. Sugar and grits.
    2. mustard & popcorn.
    3. ketchup and pancakes

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    Re: Weird Food/Eating Combinations

    I honestly don't think I have any strange combinations I mostly eat plain food

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