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    Cooking the nutrients out of vegetables

    Interesting discussion on french bulldog news about how if the vegetables are cooked the nutrients are no longer beneficial for dogs, as well as giving raw since the cellulose doesn't digest in pets. Blanching, blending or light steam is the way to ensure they get the nutrients out of their veggies. Raw blended being the best option.

    So last night Carson became sick, fever, sore throat and vomiting. So I of course want to cook a healthy dinner for all of us, and I already had a whole chicken pulled out do I thought I'd make some chicken soup.

    While I'm dicing and slicing carrots, celery and cabbage, I for some reason thought about that discussion. I like to low boil my soups for quite some time, are they still beneficial for us when I do this? I like my veggies in my soups to be soft, not crunchy. Is my soup still healthy? Am I cooking all the good stuff out????

    I also like my veggies steamed and soft, not real crunchy. I prefer cooked veggies (overly cooked) over raw ones. Healthy or not healthy? Better than none at all?
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    Re: Cooking the nutrients out of vegetables

    I understand the longer you cook the vegetables, the more nutrients you are cooking out. So when you eat a raw vegetable vs. a boiled one, the raw wins in the nutrient factor. But i think the fact that you're eating vegetables at all is better than not eating them! i'm sure you're getting some degree of nutrition, just not as much as you would if you were cooking "al dente". [MENTION=1]bullmama[/MENTION]

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