I know many people want to register here just to get a link on our site to their recipe site or blog. While I am happy you want to get a link on our site, and I do appreciate all the effort you go through to try to sneak in your links, but the forum rules clearly state that it is not allowed.

However, to reduce spamming of our site, we are willing to offer you a link exchange.

We will find your links, and they will be deleted, so it is a waste of all of your efforts to try to sneak them in.

Please post a link on your site or blog to our website homepage, Taste Tested Recipes Cooking Forum - Taste Tested Recipes- Cooking Forums and send me a private message once you have it posted. Or you may email me at webmaster@tastetestedrecipes.com

We will then allow you to post a link back in this thread only.