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    Why itís Not About Being 100% Raw Vegan 100% of the Time

    Often times, people that are part of the 100% raw vegan foods lifestyle seem to think that anyone who isn’t following that lifestyle is not living “right”. We often get criticized because we occasionally have eggs or goats’ milk cheese. I want to emphasize that what is far more important than religiously following a 100% raw vegan diet is that you eat well, and eat healthfully - primarily fruits and vegetables and organic whenever possible.

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    Some people may get well adjusted to the raw food diet or vegan diet and may find it easy as pie to include food items that are 100 % healthy in their daily lifestyle. These people are aware of the varied health benefits that are provided by raw and vegan food. However, there is also a section of the population that continues to struggle in a quest to eat healthy and live a fit lifestyle. These are eggs Why its Not About Being 100% Raw Vegan 100% of the time the people who are torn between their current lifestyle choices and the type of lifestyle that they should be ideally adopting.

    Some people believe that going vegan is the best way to live your life. However, most people may think otherwise. Although consumption of meat should be avoided, it is alright to eat eggs occasionally. Eggs are a great source of protein and regular consumption of eggs is healthy for your body and so we occasionally eat eggs. Also, you must not hesitate to drink milk and consume milk products unless you suffer from a condition that forbids you from the consumption of such products. The simple reason for this is the fact that in most cases, humans are not naturally born vegans or raw food eaters. They have been consuming meat and other such products for most part of their lives. Therefore, while it is important that you restrict yourself from consuming meat products, it is completely alright to consume eggs along with milk and milk products occasionally.

    It does not matter whether you are a perfectionist or still struggling to adopt the raw vegan diet, some important things that you should always abstain from is harmful food products like those rich in gluten and sugars. The processed foods are the greatest examples of food stuffs that are loaded with sugars and gluten. Additionally, regular consumption of alcohol, smoking and coffee can organic Why its Not About Being 100% Raw Vegan 100% of the Time do you more harm than good and must therefore, be avoided as much as possible. Consumption of drugs can not only harm your physical health but can also affect your mental balance in the long run.

    You do not need to be a raw vegan to follow these principles. The simple logic of choosing organic fruits and vegetables over the ones that have been sprayed heavily with chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides can go a long way in ensuring that your health is maintained. The raw food and vegan diet is extremely helpful for the body. You may not realize it and you may also not take it up in a serious manner. Going vegan only for a couple of weeks does not improve your health. Going vegan or eating raw food is not a diet choice, it is a lifestyle choice and it should be altered in a way that you include it as part of your daily activities, like brushing teeth or sleeping. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy rather than to just go vegan or eat raw food for the trend tag.
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