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    Birthday feast :)

    Connor is 12 next Sunday
    I am looking for easy recipes that when put together will make a birthday treat for him. Needs to be extra easy though cos I'm on night duty working both friday and sunday night
    So I have the time in between to get things ready for him. I'm so excited for him I love birthdays so it needs to be extra special because I'm not here daytime. Hope you can all help me

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    What sorts of things does Connor love? For my son and step kids I always tried to fix their favorite things for their Birthdays. Often asking what they wanted.

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    Its easier to say he doesnt like tomatoes, eggs, or nuts...he loves spicy stuff, chocolate (lol who doesnt) and anything he can do himself xx

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    Hmmm Maybe something fun like a pizza bar type of thing? Where you can have all sorts of his fav toppings out and ready and he can totally make his pizza how he wants, kinda like a salad bar? Or...Hmm... I agree with Lari on just making his fav or asking what he wants for his special day even. Does he have a favorite type of food even? (Italian, Mexican, etc?)

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    The pizza thing sounds like fun! Or even an ice cream topping bar!

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    Yep ice cream is a great idea!

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    Re: Birthday feast :)

    I really am liking the pizza idea think that will be a winner and easy to do

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