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    Kitchen Tips

    Do you have any kitchen tips? Things that make cooking simpler? Any tricks up your sleeve?

    Example: I use the heck out of Pam cooking spray. It makes my dishes so much easier to clean!

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    Re: Kitchen Tips

    Off hand I do not but I know I have some in my mind somewhere. haha

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    Re: Kitchen Tips

    I use the heck out of extra virgin Olive Oil spray, your right it does make clean up so much easier, I also keep a soapy sink, although I do have a dishwasher, while I am cooking I wash the dishes that I have used. With it just being Joe and I, If I wait for a full dishwasher to run it, I usually need something out of it. Keeping the soapy sink and washing dishes as I go along makes clean up so much quicker and easier.

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    Re: Kitchen Tips

    I use gallon sized ziplock bags for applying any kind of coating. Much less mess than rolling it on a plate.

    You can make frosting bags to decorate cookies or cakes out of sandwich sizes ones by snipping off one corner to squeeze out the frosting.

    I use cooking bags if I cook a whole chicken or ham and some roasts. Again less mess to start with.

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    Re: Kitchen Tips

    [MENTION=7]LariP[/MENTION] I love those cooking bags, that is how I do my Turkey every year. Also good for hams.

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    Use a jar when mixing dry or liquid items. Like James Bond says, "shaken, not stirred!"
    Excellent for making gravies.

    I think it's called a mandolin, but I found this little slicer-thing that makes quick work of slices. Think finely diced onion: slicing it thin is 3/4 of the work, so use the slicer and then the remaining dicing is quick & easy.

    Cast iron pans are a girl's best friend unless you need fast heat that stops quickly.

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    Re: Kitchen Tips

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