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Thread: juicer anyone?

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    juicer anyone?

    So I got that Jack Lalane juicer for Mother's Day which is awesome. Now I have to get a ton of fruits and veggies and try it out. Has anyone ever used a juicer like this before? Any suggestions?

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    Not I, but how fun!
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    Re: juicer anyone?

    I've never had one. Hope you enjoy it a lot.

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    Re: juicer anyone?

    Been using it and have made juice with apples, strawberries, tomato, carrots, spinach and grapes it was even very yummy! I was scared at first but you cant taste all the veggies. I have a new daily supplement. Who knew? Going to try and make it more healthy a little at a time, we will see how it goes. haha

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