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Thread: Curry spice?

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    Curry spice?

    oki doke! I've posted a couple of recipes for now but wanted to post a simple curry recipe. but need to know if you guys can get a spice called Garam Masala or should I hunt recipes without it.
    The curries we eat here are mostly Indian in origin although Britain has developed a lot of our own curries too.
    They all have quite a few different spices though...Cumin, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garam Masala, Curry powder,Turmeric.
    but they smell gorgeous whilst cooking and are well worth all the preparation as [MENTION=3]kazzy220[/MENTION] will agree.

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    Re: Curry spice?

    Not sure but I think I saw RR use it before. Will have to look at the store next time.

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    Yes I will look as well
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    Re: Curry spice?

    We have a couple of Indian Groceries here so yes I can get it. We prefer mild spicy though. not too hot.

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    Re: Curry spice?

    If when made a curry is too hot you can either add natural yoghurt or sugar to take the heat out.
    And never drink water with a spicy curry your better with milk

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    Re: Curry spice?

    Yep you can get garam masala over here!!

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