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    Summer Dinner Favorites

    Summer is here! And I feel it, its HOT! If you ask me, now is the time for dinners that DO NOT involve the oven and ideally minimal use of the stove! Any ideas out there????? Even if it isn't a recipe per say but more like just a simple dinner idea that you like to throw together.

    I'll go first This is what we are having tonight, it is simply called "cabbage salad" in my house LOL It's a bag of fresh cole slaw mix (shredded carrots, red & green cabbage), green onions, a package of top ramen noodles crumbled (In my opinion using the whole package is a bit much. Omit the seasoning packet & don't use the kind in the cup) tossed with the kraft asian toasted sesame dressing. Then topped with chunks of chicken breast, I make Dave BBQ the chicken breast so there is no actual cooking that I have to do Thats it! So good, so easy, perfect for summer!

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    Re: Summer Dinner Favorites

    Funny you should mention this salad, I have it on my grocery list. Great minds! I dont have a summer go to type really. I always eat what sounds good period. lol BUT I do like just grilled chicken with lots of pepper and garlic powder and some of that kikkoman baste and glaze sauce on top. YUM! That is always a good go to when I dont have an idea what to bbq. My portabello mushroom burgers I posted somewhere on here are also a good one. I dont ever tend to make them the rest of the year.

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    Re: Summer Dinner Favorites

    Oh, I have one for ya...

    Traci's Lazy Dinner Night

    One can of Tuna in water, drained
    One huge dollop of real mayo
    One good drizzle (depending on taste preferences) of Budweiser Hot Wing Sauce
    A fork
    A pack of Ritz or Premium Saltines
    with fresh strawberries on the side

    It covers all of the necessary food groups: protein, mayo, carbs, and fruit. The strawberries off-set the hot wing sauce... cool and sweet vs. hot, tangy and creamy.

    Fork a blob of tuna on a cracker and insert in hungry person. Follow with a strawberry when the sauce gets overwhelming.

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