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    Thumbs up Hamilton Beach Coffeemakers are on my BAD list!!!!!

    I posted this on EBN, but then I thought it was so much better suited for this site!!!

    So we got this Hamilton Beach Brewstation just 2 months ago. I have owned these over and over since about 2002, and I love these coffeepots. They usually last about a year if even, but I still like them.

    Well the other morning I go to make coffee and lift the lid and steam comes out of the dispenser like it is trying to brew coffee. I am like wtf???? The pot is not turned on! Okay so I thought maybe someone had set the programer or something-- you know I have toddlers perhaps someone was hitting some buttons. So I did not think much of it.

    Later that day, I go to clean it and the same thing happens. Note the machine turns off after 2 hours. So I feel the back of it and it is blazing hot. Same thing the next day, the only way to get it to actually shut off is to unplug it.

    This model has a programmer to brew your coffee, although I do not use it. But this does not seem to have anything to do with the problem, the heating element or whatever makes the coffee brew is NOT shutting off. What a dangerous thing, I would imagine, what if I forget to unplug it?

    So I call Hamilton Beach, and they were very rude about it. You would think they would agree that it was a danger to our family. But the response was this: "You should always unplug your coffee maker anyway after each use for safety purposes". I then asked, well if I do that, how would I use the program feature it has? Then they said, "Well obviously you have that turned on." I said, "No, I do not use this feature, and it is always on, even if I turn it off! The red light turns off after 2 hours, but the pot is still on"

    They continued to argue with me, not understanding what I was trying to tell them obviously!!! Finally they say, "Yes, this model is a newer model and still under warranty. You will need to return the pot, but instead of doing that, just cut the cord off and mail it to us with a money order for $15 to cover the shipping charges."

    My reponse: "Really, I must send you a check for a faulty coffee maker? And do I send this cord before or after I get the new one sent to me?"

    They respond: "After you send the cord back, we will ship you the new coffee maker."

    How long will this take? I asked.

    About 2-3 weeks. They said

    "Well, how in the heck am I supposed to make coffee for the next 3 weeks?" I responded. "This is not good enough. Get me your supervisor on the phone, please."

    They responded, "I will give them your information and they will call you back."

    Guess what? Noone called.


    So I called Walmart, they will take it back and issue a replacement.

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    Re: Hamilton Beach Coffeemakers are on my BAD list!!!!!

    Wow, I am shocked. Usually once you pull the "Let me talk to the manager" card you at least get somewhere. That is very scary imagine if you didnt notice?! WOW! I got the free coffee maker from gevalia a couple years ago and have never tried or thought to replace it. lol. Works great and you dont have a contract to sign up for if I remember correctly, you can totally cancel your coffee shipment whenever you are over it.

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