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    Mimosa or champagne cookies?

    I recently stopped by a bakery by our gym (I know, kinda like an oxymoron) and they had these awesome mimosa cookies. Unfortunately, they are $1 each, so I was hoping to make my own. Does anyone have a cookie recipe that might be similar?

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    Re: Mimosa or champagne cookies?

    Sorry, Never heard of them. What are they reminiscent of?

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    Re: Mimosa or champagne cookies?

    Havent heard of them either but yum!

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    Re: Mimosa or champagne cookies?

    I have heard of Champagne Frosting. Did they have frosting? Maybe they are a shortbread with a champagne frosting.
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    Re: Mimosa or champagne cookies?

    They didn't have any frosting. I have a good recipe for orange cookies, but am not sure where to add the champagne. They were definitely more cake-like cookies. Oh well. I did try to make my own just kind of winging it and they were okay but definitely not the same! I tried adding a cup of sparkling wine in with my wet ingredients, and just upped the flour a bit.

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