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    Oiling the Cabinets

    Do you ever oil your cabinets? I do this a couple of times a year, and they look brand new. I just use Olde English Oil and a squishy round sponge. Takes less than an hour I think. Especially around my sink and where the coffee pot steams, those parts start looking dried out from the water and moisture. I just did it again recently. Of course, your cabinets would need to be real wood for it to soak up, and not painted.

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    Re: Oiling the Cabinets

    I started to use the orange oil on mine and realized what a pain in the arse it is so I stopped after a few were done. Couldnt tell enough to make me want to do it BUT they need cleaned right now so maybe a good cleaning and oiling is needed. Who wants to volunteer?!

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    Re: Oiling the Cabinets

    I have to try cabinets are looking drab

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