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    Your grocery shopping habits

    Just wondering how others do their grocery shopping. Do you go once a week, or every two weeks, or do you go throughout the week?

    I've been going once a week to do the bulk of my shopping. Before, I used to stop by the store throughout the week to pick up things here and there but have found that I would spend more money that way on things I really did not need. It was more like compulsive grocery shopping.

    Also, I have been trying to stock up on more meats when i see them for a cheap price. For instance, there's a sale for whole chickens (77cents/lb), so today I bought myself a couple and stuck them in the freezer for future use. I used to not pay attention to the sales and would again, end up spending too much $$ on chicken and ground beef.
    Do you guys stock up on meat when there are specials too?

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    Re: Your grocery shopping habits

    Oh yes I do. I plan my trip to the store when I get my weekly ad. I do buy what meats r on sale, even if I don't have a plan for them cuz I like to have options just in case. I hate shopping, having the 2 kids in tow, so I like to handle it all in one time. Plus when I used to work at the marketing did buy what I needed daily and I am sure it added up that way big time.

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    Re: Your grocery shopping habits

    I was so tickled when my kids got to the age where they could drive by themselves - because in exchange for paying their car insurance, they were tasked with the weekly Grocery Run! LOL! The benefit to them was that they could pick up anything (within reason) that they wanted, as long as they got everything on the list for the house.

    Having my last child leave 1 month, 1 day, and 21 hours ago... I have ventured in the grocery store a few times recently.

    I don't mind running in Costco - and we load up on meats, toilet paper, dog food, etc. (Converted Bedroom #3 to a 9x9 storage closet)
    Hubby hit the veggies once or twice a week at the big chain grocery store.
    There is a Sun Harvest / Sprouts a couple blocks away, and I go spelunking for stuff in there every so often, too.

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