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    Getting rid of the microwave

    After reading some articles on microwave ovens as well as my lack of counterspace, I decided to put my microwave in hibernation. I'm going to see how I "survive" w/out one for awhile. I have a toaster oven so I can warm up food in there as well as on the stove top. I'm sure I will need to adjust to this new "lifestyle" before I get used to it but i'm willing to give it a try. I love having more space in the kitchen now!

    Anyone else stop using their microwave?

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    Re: Getting rid of the microwave

    I would LOVE the counterspace too but not sure we could lve without. Well actually I dont use it all that much unless I heat leftovers. Could replace that with a toaster oven down the way. Hubby would have the most problem with it, eating frozen burritos etc.

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    I could not live without mine. I always make too much for dinner plus I have to heat up the dogs food twice a day. Maybe once I don't have 4 kids lol

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