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    German Pound Cake

    When I was a little girl my grandmother ( Oma ) made a delicious pound cake. It called for 1/2 pound of butter, it had sugar, flour, lemon, 6 eggs, it must of had cocoa, as well because she made it in a Bundt pan, and it was 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate. I don't know the rest of the ingredients, there must have been baking powder, or soda, and I don't know the measurements. Does any one know of a German pound cake recipe, or one with similar ingredients? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: German Pound Cake

    hi [MENTION=618]Vikinggirl[/MENTION], i just wanted to say that I called my grandmas "Oma" too and my grandpa "Opa"--that's from the Dutch as well.
    Just thought that was cool when i read your post.

    ASide from that, i love pound cake and will dig thru my archive of recipes to see if there's one to share.

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    Re: German Pound Cake

    I don't bake cakes often so no help here.

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    Re: German Pound Cake

    Yeah my Dad is German, so his parents were Oma and Opa, my Mom is from Norway, and they were Mormor and Morfar, which means mothers mother and mothers father. Thank you for trying to find a recipe for pound cake.

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