Poll: Your favorite dish to pass

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    When asked to bring a dish to pass.....

    What is your favorite dish to pass? You can be more specific in threads.
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    I used to always have to take meatballs at the nursing home I worked at, by request from several co workers. It was sold about 1 1/2 years ago. Now that we are in a much smaller office group, I take other things to the potlucks we have had.

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    i chose veggie but it's more of a 'side dish'. everyone requests i bring my potato cassarole and i often make a double batch as it goes soooo fast.

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    Usually dessert. My Mom's recipe for Cherry Cheesecake cupcakes.

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    What I bring varies on what is needed for the party but I do love a good dip of some sort so that is what I tend to lean towards

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