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    Where do you shop for most of your ingredients?

    I was wondering where you do most of your shopping? Are you particular about your ingredients?

    I only buy my meats and produce at Costco. The produce especially is incredibly cheap for the amount you get. But I hate Costco shopping day because I spend two hours rebagging all the meats when we get home.

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    I used to go to costco for meat but not now apart from the 2hr repacking at home i found i got loads of cakes and pastries too cos they look soooo good
    Mostly now the village greengrocers daily for fresh veg and tescos (big uk supermarket chain) for everything else.

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    Henrys (an all natural store) for meat and fresh produce, Winco for everything else.

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    Sentry is our neighborhood grocery for quick need this now stuff. Pic & Save, Woodmans and Wal-Mart for stock up shopping. We alternate depending on our mood and whatever ads we might have seen.

    We don't have Costco here.

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    I just look ta the ads for what meats are on sale and usually do my shopping at the best priced store. Tends to be food for less or stater bros, a southern ca. chain. Love costoc but I spend too much time and money there. haha

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    Super Target - I love it for the prices and selection. The meats are pretty good there but I will admit, the produce is not the best. It's almost like you have to go several places to shop these days if you want good prices and good quality. I am also a big coupon clipper so I sometimes try to go where they double coupons - like Fry's in Arizona.

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