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    Funny grocery shopping story

    Many years ago, we were working in California. The area was pretty fancy, so I always felt a little out of place when I went to the grocery store. Most people shopping there were dressed for success, women in heels and men in suits buying their fine wines and fancy foods. I am a I'd jeans and tennis shoes kinda girl

    Well, one day my friend Ibis and I were having a barbeque with our hubby's so we ran to the store to grab a few items. Noah was about 7 and Carson was about 2.

    Well our list was short, but this particular store we had never been in before. We needed beer and snacks. So we start going through the isles looking for stuff. Only thing left was beer, so we were cruising along side the isles looking for the beer and wine section. Noah runs up ahead to look.

    You must be a redneck if your 7 year old yells in the middle of the grocery store "Mom!!!! the beer is over here!!!!"

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    Re: Funny grocery shopping story

    HA! Too cute...

    I ventured into Trader Joe's the other day.... :eyerolls: I was definitely outta MY Element in my work clothes (blue collar), drivin' the 20-year old Ford pickup, parked amongs the BMWs, Volvos, and Mercedes.
    But, y'know, the cashiers (or Maitre'D, or whatever they call themselves) were more than happy to swipe my cashola card!

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