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    Farmer's Market

    One of our frequent Saturday outings during the year is to our local farmer's market. Western Michigan is known for it's vegetables and amazing fruit. This year, the winter has dragged on for so long (snowing again this morning), I really can't wait for opening day! We've learned over the years which small growers we like the best, and which vendors resale the same stuff you get at grocery stores. The market also has amazing baked goods from local Amish bakeries, fresh honey and the Cheese Lady. The Cheese Lady brings cheeses from all over the world and let's you sample before you buy. It is truly an experience!

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    Re: Farmer's Market

    Oooh, sounds like an awesome Farmer's mkt you have there! Amish baking sounds delicious as does the Cheese lady.

    I visited my local one here this a.m. for the first time in months. It was fun to browse around and see all the fresh goodness. I got this hugemongous cauliflower and some organic tomatoes. Going to make a cauliflower "mash" today

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    Re: Farmer's Market

    Yum! That sounds great! We have such good produce year round. Last year's growing season was ruined by a late freeze and drought. Everyone has high hopes for this year. I can't wait for the Traverse City cherries!

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    Re: Farmer's Market

    I have never actually been to a farmers market before. I was going to join a CSA, but thought that since I will be planting some of my own things, I should check out the farmers markets (most of the CSA also do the markets) and see what's up first. That is exactly what I am afraid of - reselling the same type of stuff you get in the grocery. I want different and more exciting vegetables.
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    Re: Farmer's Market

    Haven't been to our farmers market yet either. Have wanted to go and ours doesnt start until may I think.

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