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    Any Coupon Clippers out there?

    Do people even use coupons much these days? Seems like I don't often see peeps at the checkout line presenting their stack of coupons these days like before. Maybe it's b/c everything is so "electronic" now, and everybody has those club cards that give you all sorts of "discounts" on purchases already. Well, I'm still a coupon'er to an extent. Target will send me coupons in the mail and I look through those. I'll look online for coupons once in awhile too. Couponing seems to be a dying art, sadly.

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    Re: Any Coupon Clippers out there?

    I did for a bit, nothing crazy like those coupon moms out there or anything tho. Somehow it was too exhausting and it fizzled out. I do the electronic ones when stores offer but even then I forget to.

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    Back when the kids were young and every penny counted SO MUCH! I used to use coupons, but I've discovered that the stuff that has coupons really isn't the stuff I want. I make so much more of my own products, and they're so much more economical, that I don't even waste time with it anymore. The sale flyers get fed to the worms in the kitchen composter, now!

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    Re: Any Coupon Clippers out there?

    Same here. I wind up saving far more money by making my own or opting for the brand (or lack thereof) that does not have the coupon. I think they are really a marketing gimmick to entice us to buy things we don't want or need. Also, a lot of places have stopped doubling and tripling them which has turned off some users.
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    Re: Any Coupon Clippers out there?

    Have to admit I use the coupons when I am there shopping at JOANNES

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