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    Picky eaters rant

    I have been cursed throughout my married life with picky eaters--first my husband, then 2 of my 3 children. I will eat anything once and have rarely met a food I didn't like. I've tried different salads--my husband only likes iceberg lettuce with nothing but grated cheddar cheese and French dressing. I talked him into trying a fabulous dinner of grilled chicken with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in a restaurant the other night. It was a magnificent, genius blend of favors. I looked over and he had scraped everything off the chicken to the side of the plate and eaten the chicken plain. Believe it or not, he iis better than he used to be. He used to never even try anything. My kids have all developed more sophisticated tastes--even sushi, which my husband would never even consider. Forget any vegetables, or any fruit except for bananas. It is so frustrating! I started cooking anyway--thinking if he got hungry enough he'd eat. Forget it.

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    Re: Picky eaters rant

    Oh that sucks! My hubby will eat almost anything. Is picky about the few things he doesn't like but that's it thankfully. The kids are trying to start being picky a little but the 4 year old used to eat anything and loved it. She loves ca rolls but hasnt tried other rolls yet. She tried smoked oysters and wasn't a fan. cook for yourself and let him eat pizza. Lol

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    Re: Picky eaters rant

    Yeah, that sounds frustrating, [MENTION=658]ChrisRN[/MENTION]. I have a friend whose hubby is only a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. I recall when they were first dating, 20years ago, she told me he wouldn't eat "anything that was green"! oh boy, i thought...And he still hasn't changed! now their daughter has picked up his picky eating traits too. Thing is, my friend doesn't cook at all so they're always eating out at restaurants. I hate to be "judgey" about it, but c'mon, at least make an effort to learn a few healthy, tasty dishes for the sake of your daughter's health (she's only 11yo). So, I told her about TTR. U-oh...maybe she's reading this post??!!

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    Re: Picky eaters rant

    My hunny isn't picky at all but he despises tomatoes! He will eat ketchup and my spaghetti sauce but a raw tomato he turns into the biggest complainer of life! I swear I don't know if this relationship will last if that's how he feels about such a delicious food like a tomato

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    Re: Picky eaters rant

    I totally know how you feel, I have a hubby who is mostly a meat and potato man, won't touch a vegetable, fruit is a banana, but he will drink a strawberry banana smoothie, but that's about as healthy as he will go. He is also a total sugar junkie, he drinks about 5 or 6 Coke a day, breakfast is usually a bagel or a turnover from Tim Hortons and a coffee with 6, yes 6 sugars. I swear if I were to cut him open he would bleed sugar and not blood. Lol. I eat mostly healthy, I'm not perfect, like my chocolate sometimes, or ice cream, but I don't drink pop at all, just milk and water, I eat a salad everyday, love every vegetable, and will always try a new food or recipe, he won't even try it, turns his nose up at everything and says Eww without even trying it. I also babysit my 5 year old grandson, and he's horrible, he just doesn't eat period. It seems like he's never hungry, and eats like a bird. He will never ask for food, and always says No I'm not hungry. I ask him every two hours if he's hungry and if he wants something to eat. I make him different things hoping he'll eat it, but end up throwing out so much food. He only likes salads or raw cut up veggies like peppers, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini, with ranch dressing or hummus, it's a good thing he likes these things, but it doesn't put weight on you, and he won't eat meat, he does like cheese and crackers, and he will eat an apple, he likes pasta, but everything has to be plain, he is very picky with that, he doesn't like ketchup, any sauces, mayo, which he calls white ketchup, mustard, and he absolutely hates any melted cheese or grated cheese, so he won't eat a grilled cheese, or put any cheese on anything like pizza or salad. He says it smells and makes him want to barf. We have spoken to the doctor many times, but she just says you live in Canada, he will eat what he needs, as long as you offer him food he will eat when he's hungry, but she doesn't seem to understand that he barely eats enough to survive, sometimes I think he live s on air. I give him a multi vitamin everyday, an Omega, and a vitamin D, I used to be able to make him smoothies with my Vita-mix and I could hide lots of stuff in there, but now he doesn't like them anymore, he used to eat eggs everyday, doesn't like those anymore either, or yogurt, which I used to put in his smoothie. He is so skinny, but the doctor says he's in the 50th percentile, so doesn't seem concerned. I usually just end up giving him whatever he wants, veggies, cheese and crackers, he loves dry cereal like Cheerios, or fruit loops, and I figure he eats it, and there are a lot of nutrients in cereal, and he drinks the milk after in a glass. He likes plain bread with just butter, but he will eat the ham or salami rolled up on the side separately. He won't even try peanut butter, but will eat Nutella like its going out of style. I hope he outgrows this.
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