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    Have you dined with anyone famous?

    Just wanted to ask this question b/c I thought it would be fun.

    I cannot think of anyone I've met in a restaurant that was a celebrity.

    My brother though is a chef at a BBQ restaurant in Orange,CA and a couple months ago the actor Beau Bridges came by with his wife and son. The funny thing is my brother Bryan told me that Beau is a vegan! Apparently the son frequents the restaurant often and wanted to take his parents. Bryan ended up preparing a vegan "chicken" for Beau and he even went to the kitchen to thank Bryan and told him it tasted great! Also, the cast of Storage Wars came by his restaurant just last month.

    The only famous people i've seen were at the airport or on the street. Not in a restaurant, but I did meet Dan Quail as he was getting into a London taxi cab some 20 years ago!

    How about you guys? run into anyone well know while dining? Curious minds want to know!

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    Re: Have you dined with anyone famous?

    Nope! But my husband drank with kid rock and some famous football player at a bar in Nashville... I think the place was called Tootsies?

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    Re: Have you dined with anyone famous?

    I met Matt Damon once in a restaurant when I was in L.A. I got his autograph and he was very down to earth and humble.

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    Re: Have you dined with anyone famous?

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    Re: Have you dined with anyone famous?

    I dined with Karl Malone the basketball player at a charity event. He was a really nice guy.

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