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    I am so very proud!

    I am not sure if I told you all or not, but a couple of months ago my son got a job at In -n- Out Burger. This was no easy job to get, but he was pretty focused, and that was going to be where he was going to work! Main reason, the pay is $3.00 hour more than his slave job washing dishes at Dennys. LOL

    Well, he really is perfect to work there, he's charismatic and a NICE boy. Perfect In & Out pin up boy

    He finally got the job after several interviews (who knew it was so hard to get a job at a burger joint?). He had to be interviewed a couple of times, and he finally got in interview with the general manager. Come to find out this is not like working at a regular burger joint, they take their franchise VERY SERIOUSLY! Excellent benefits, great pay, just like working at a corporation of some sort. It was quite impressive.

    After about 1.5 months of training videos he finally started getting 5 days a week.

    I love this place, and so does he. They offer great benefits, are very strict on their rules, and literally teach you everything. It is all down to a science. Each thing you are trained on you get certified. Like cutting tomatoes. Seriously, there is a tomato certification.

    So, the good news! He already passed all of his certifications, and has moved up to a level 2 employee, he got a gift card and a 25 cent raise! Atta Boy!!!
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    Re: I am so very proud!

    That is SO COOL, Lisa!! you ought to be proud of your boy I remember he was delivering pizzas before, right? I had no idea he applied to In 'n Out burgers! What a great move for him and how knows, he may work himself up the career ladder there and get into their corporate offices one day.

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