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    Ants everywhere!

    Woke up this morning to find ants in my cupboards, going into the dog food, up and down the shelves! It's been so hot here so i'm blaming the weather. What do you guys use to get rid of ants in your house, aside from Raid? I ended up spraying Lysol everywhere as best as i could before leaving for work. I know there's more to do when i get home. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Ants everywhere!

    I have exterminators come out and spray first sign of them. Not a fan of ants or critters actually. Lol

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    If I find them inside I use raid.... But then I try to find the source by using bait traps inside then I walk the perimeter during their active time of day. I sprinkle Amdro on all the mounds I find. There is more than one kind of Amdro-- use the bait one. It says it kills the mound or queen on it. Only problem is keep it away from pets.

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    I spay outside the house. A 3' perimeter of POISON. Which is against my nature, because I'm Buddhist, but in South Texas -- all bets are OFF. We have all sorts of invaders!
    We also use Amdro out on the yard on spot/ mounds.
    Inside.... Follow the trail and (no kidding) paint their access hole shut. Caulk if its big. Paint if its medium. Clear nail polish if its small.
    Just seal the access.

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