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    Our favorite Chili!!!

    1 tbs veg oil
    2 medium yellow onions diced
    1/2 Tbs garlic powder
    3Tbs chili powder
    2 Tbs paprika
    1 Tbs cumin
    2 Tbs dried oregano
    2 tsp salt
    1 pound deer burger (ground chuck)
    1 pound deer sausage (loose sausage if no deer meat)
    2 cans 28oz crushed tomato puree
    1 15oz can kidney beans drained
    1 150z bbq baked beans (bushes used to make a bbq flavor I can't find now so I just use a can of baked beans and add 1-2 Tbs of bbq sauce)

    Heat oil in skillet add onions till clear add beef and sausage and cook through. Add everything to crock pot or large pot and simmer.

    ** I do not do the oil n onions I just add one onions to my meat when I cook and one onion i put in the pot with the rest of the ingredients to keep a tad of crunch*

    ** I add stewed tomatoes usually 2 cans and I get the Italian or the oregano, or basil ones*

    *if you like heat add as desired*
    I cook in crock pot usually on high for aprrox 2hrs then to low for the remainder I usually start in the morning so it cooks all day!!!
    Hope you enjoy!

    One of my husbands friends would show up whenever he heard chili was on the menu, I had to finally give him the recipe!! We had chili at someone else's house recently and my husband said hmm not quite like yours can you make that soon it's alot better LOL!!! Would love to hear what you think if you try it!

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    Re: Our favorite Chili!!!

    Sounds fabulous! Thank you !!

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    Re: Our favorite Chili!!!

    Sounds yummy! Interesting tho, baked beans in chili? That sounds awesome and interesting too!

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    Re: Our favorite Chili!!!

    I thought the same but it's really good, and they don't end up tasting like baked beans!!! I should note not the grillin beans, either bbq flavored or just add a tbs or two to the mixture!!

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    Re: Our favorite Chili!!!

    I love baked beans and I bet that hint of the flavor is fabulous! I have a few variations of chili I make and it does go well with the hunt of sweet, smokey flavor.

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