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    Homemade Italian Chunky Marinara Spaghetti Sauce

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    I got this recipe from a very nice lady. Her daughter was doing child care for us, and her daughter wanted to make us some Chicken Manicotti. She invited her mom for the dinner.

    Well-- she forgot to get marinara sauce. I did not know this. So her mom saved the day! She went into my pantry and made sauce from scratch. It was the best I had ever had. Certainly way better that the stuff in the jar! I have not used jarred sauce in over 5 years now since she jotted down the recipe for me!

    1 package italian sausage, I use the "HOT" kind usually
    1/2 c Virgin Olive Oil
    Sliced or minced garlic to your taste (I use quite a bit, at least 2 TBSP)
    4-5 diced fresh tomatoes
    1 diced yellow onion
    1-2 diced bell pepper
    Optional: Any other veggies you want to use up like carrots, green onions, mushrooms, ect. Slice em and add them to it!
    2-3 cans tomato sauce- depending on how "saucy" you want it. We use 2 cans as we like ours more chunky.
    1 T Basil
    1 T Oregano
    1 T Thyme
    1 T Italian Parsley
    1/4 tsp hot pepper flakes
    1 T Sugar
    Salt and pepper to your taste.

    In a large skillet, either slice your italian sausage or remove it from the casings, or buy ground sausage. Brown the sausage in the olive oil and garlic until cooked through. Add diced Onion, Bell Peppers and any other veggies except the tomatoes.

    Cook until veggies are tender, then add tomatoes and tomato sauce. Add all spices. Simmer sauce on low for 30 mins to an hour.

    This sauce can be added to any type of pasta you are making! Excellent on Manicotti, Spaghetti, Ravioli- you name it. It's good. I love how it never really turns out the same twice. I have added a lob of ground beef before to make it more meaty, and a variety of veggies. Serve with garlic bread to make extra yummy!

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    Re: Homemade Italian Chunky Marinara Spaghetti Sauce


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