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    Sonoran Hot Dogs

    In Tucson, you don't go to Wienderschnitzel or a Hot Dog stand to get a good hot dog. You get a Sonoran hot dog!

    I am not sure if the ones you get around here are traditional, but who cares. Having a sonoran hot dog is like having a meal, or any other specialty type hot dogs (the Chicago Dog for example).

    Depending on where you get your Sonoran Dog will depend on what it is like. Different toppings are available. But here is the basic ingredients for a Sonoran Dog:

    Sonoran Hot Dog Bun (see photo below, can be found at Mexican grocery stores)
    Grilled Hot Dog
    Pinto Beans
    Finely Diced Tomatos
    Grilled Onions

    added to mine:

    Mexican melting cheese (see photo below)
    Sour Cream
    Hot Sauce
    Pico De Gallo

    Now let us talk toppings. Most places have spicy mustard or a green chili sauce on top. Others use sour cream or cheese sauce, salsa, cheese, bacon, hot sauce, Pico De Gallo.

    In the Sonoran Dogs we made below we copied our most favorite Sonoran Dogs in town.

    Wrap hot dogs in bacon, grill on medium high. Slice some onions, may as well grill those with the bacon. Dice up your Roma Tomatoes fine while they cook.

    Cut open the middle of a sonoran hot dog bun. Put some mexican cheese inside with your hot dog on top.

    Prepare a clean griddle, turn it on to high. Grill both sides of your bun until cheese is melted.

    Add toppings to your desired taste, pinto beans, grilled onions, and diced tomatoes

    Add sauces like sour cream, hot sauce, cheese sauce, or spicy mustard.

    I do hope you all give them a try, the hardest part will be finding the Sonoran Hot Dog Buns (they are very soft!!!) Enjoy!

    Here is a photo of the Sonoran Hot Dog at my favorite place in Tucson, I think mine tasted just as good!

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    I saw the pic on fb.. I was wondering what the recipe was

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    Re: Sonoran Hot Dogs

    Looks yummy

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