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    Is pigeon peas popular in the Caribbean?

    If you live in the Caribbean please answer the following questions:
    1. Do you like pigeon peas?
    2. Do you eat pigeon peas often?
    3. How often is the legume cooked in your household?
    4. Would you rather pigeon peas or other legumes?
    5. When you go over to your friends house is there any form of preparation with this legume?
    6. How many people live in your house? How many of them eat pigeon peas?
    7. Do you think pigeon pea is nutritious and delicious?
    8. Do you often see pigeon peas served in the Caribbean restaurants or local deli's?
    (Please state your name, address and age for me)
    Thanks Alot!!

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    Re: Is pigeon peas popular in the Caribbean?

    Too bad I do not live in the Caribbean I would love to answer your questions!

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    Re: Is pigeon peas popular in the Caribbean?

    Although I've been t Caribbean but don't know about the pigeon peas' popularity there.

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