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Thread: Rotel Dip

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    Rotel Dip

    Rotel Dip

    I got this recipe from a friend and take it to different functions and it is always a hit. I see that there a couple of recipes similar to this recipe but they are not this one.

    1pkg cream cheese
    2 - 10oz cans of rotel tomatoes
    1 lb ground sausage

    Cook cream cheese and tomatoes together in crockpot on high, until melted. Roughly about 10 mins
    Meanwhile, cook ground sausage and drain. Add the sausage to the cream cheese and tomatoes when the cream cheese has melted and cook for roughly 30 mins more. Serve with tortilla chips. They are also good with Doritos.
    Enjoy - GO RAVENS!!!
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    Re: Rotel Dip

    Rotel Dip

    Ooh, haven't seen his one before.

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