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    My Sister's Collard Greens recipe

    As sent to me:To fix collards: Rinse the leaves and then cut out the stiff stem in the middle. Stack three or four leaves and then roll them up into a "cigar" and make thin slices width-wise to make thin "ribbons" and toss in a pot with some diced onions, a sprinkle of garlic, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and saute quickly. Once it's wilted, add 1/4 cup of water, put on the lid and steam them, stirring every few minutes. They need at least 10 minutes to be tender. Right before serving sprinkle on a little lemon juice and enjoy. We learned to love them in Brazil, and of course living in the South they are popular here too.============================================== ==========================Having grown up in Virginia, I ate these as a kid and HATED 'EM! :please no:I tried them this evening, as an adult -- and they are very good!Mine were big, old, and tough, and took about 20 minutes to get tender -- and the radial stems were still a bit tough, I should have done another 10 minutes. Growing up, I remember them cooking for an hour with fat back in them. The IntraWebz mentions topping them with BBQ sauce. I remember Tobasco-type stuff being put on them.I stuck with Lisa's version for tonight. Oh, I added real bacon bits in it.
    ========= Update =========

    And remember that what looks like an amount to feed an Army, cooks down to about three golfball-sized dollops! One of those big bundles at the store, feeds me and Dear Hubby just fine.

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    Re: My Sister's Collard Greens recipe

    Yum, i love collard greens...especially when cooked with bacon!

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    Re: My Sister's Collard Greens recipe

    Had them once and they were yummy. No idea how they were made tho, will have to try this recipe!

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