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    Healthy Alternatives For Coffee

    I often recommend that people decrease their coffee consumption or eliminate coffee altogether. My main reason is that the caffeine in coffee is a drug—and when caffeine is consumed in large amounts, it acts similarly to a pharmaceutical drug with the accompanying negative side-effects. The good news is there are many healthy alternatives for coffee.

    Are you a caffeine addict?
    Healthy Alternatives For Coffee are you addicted to coffee? And if you were, how would you know? Well, one way to tell is if you skip drinking coffee for a few days and you subsequently develop a throbbing headache. This is a good indication you are physically addicted. Another sign is if you stop drinking coffee and think about it consistently for days, months…or even years!
    Many people don’t realize that often common health problems are related to over-consumption of coffee.

    This is because coffee has a number of effects upon the body. Here are some of its effects:
    • Increases stomach acid production for more than an hour after ingestion and can lead in some cases to stomach ulcers or acid reflux symptoms.
    • Has a stimulating effect on the large intestine, which can cause diarrhea.
    • Has been shown to interfere with the repair of chromosomes in cells which can lead to cancer.
    • Can cause high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms in sensitive people.

    Three healthy alternatives for coffee:
    Healthy Alternatives For Coffee black tea – Decaffeinated coffee (note: it still contains caffeine but only about 1-3 mg) – Instant coffee (still lots of caffeine but much less than normal filter coffee) – Black Tea is a good replacement for coffee in the short term. You simply drink another beverage that contains less caffeine. Plus you have the advantage that caffeine in tea takes longer to be absorbed by the body -therefore it’s mood-lifting effect lasts longer and better.

    Green Juices – Fresh raw juicing provides you with a liquid dosage of nutrients. Green Juices are very alkalizing (plus they’re great for your sex life!!). In general, our regular cooked diets tends to be acidic and we consume too many acidic foods. The toxic effects of acidic foods is what causes most of the diseases today. Excess acidity in our body damages our organs especially the liver and the kidney. One way to incorporate a more alkalized diet is to include fresh green juices. For more informative formula tip

    Coconut Water – Very rarely do you find a beverage that is both tasty and healthy. Coconut water is one such beverage. The very fruit is so useful, then just imagine how useful would the water obtained from it be. There are many benefits of this healthy drink.

    Maybe you are a steady ‘user’ of coffee, and it is really addictive. And you maybe want to try to alter that habit, you find that it is not easy thing to do. Is there an alternative way? Once you try to remove the habit, it causes great withdrawal symptoms. These usually emerge as nausea or a headache lasting from a few hours to several days. But the withdrawal symptoms are worth going through to be liberated from caffeine once and for all.

    I hope you found this article helpful, do think about the healthy alternatives for coffee seriously and see what a difference it would make in your life.
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