Introducing a new addition to the site, @(username) by Tagging Users!

Have you ever responded to someone in a thread and they never responded back? Perhaps they never read your response?

Have you ever put up a thread and wanted someone in particular to read it?

Well now you can!


Well, now they can be notified with @(username)!

Similar to twitter, you can @(username) a user while mentioning them in a topic.

For example, you a user uploads a great photo, and you want to make sure they read your response.

You can say @(username), that recipe is great!

Then the user will get a notification that you have responded or mentioned them in a thread.

When you use the @(username), it is called a "Mention". Meaning, of course, that you mentioned them in a post.

Another cool part about @(username) is that if you do, it will create a link to their profile!

Here is an example: @Desert Sky