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    The BEST Fruit Summer Smoothies

    We live in Arizona and smoothies are very popular here. I have been to many smoothie places and finally came up with my own way of making a top-notch smoothie!

    1 cup any kind yogurt
    3/4 c your favorite juice (I really like the V-8 Fusion that is purple or red)
    1/2 frozen banana
    1-2 frozen strawberries
    1 cup (approx) frozen cut up fruit

    *toss in some frozen small berries (optional)
    *1 scoop vanilla ice cream or flavored sherbet (optional)
    *whip cream (optional)

    First of all, I usually get a flat of strawberries, cut the leafy tops off, and put them in a resealable container. Stick in the freezer.

    I will also get a batch of bananas. I will peel them and cut them in half. You can also store in a resealable container but I usually just put each on in a sandwich baggie. Stick in freezer.

    Now for your main ingredient--- you can buy pre-cut mixed fruit but I find it to be very costly. If I buy a watermelon, we eat only some of it anyway, the rest I will cut up and fill a small baggie about 3/4 of the way.

    Watermelon makes a great smoothie, so if you don't want to go all out stick with those above 3 ingredients for your first time. Stick your cut up fruit in the freezer.

    Other fruit you can cut up and use would be mango, pineapple, cantaloupe, melon. I don't think I would ever use apples or pears tho.... but I have used an orange before.
    I will cut up everything and mix it, then bag it to 3/4 of the way of the baggie. The nice thing about doing it all at once is you can kinda stack the bags up nice so they are not a big pile of rubbish. Stick in the freezer.

    You can also buy flats of raspberries, blackberries & blueberries, ect. I will toss all of these in a seal-able container.

    OKAY It is time to make your smoothies!!

    Put your smaller chunks of fruit at the bottom (banana, strawberry), then your baggie of fruit, dump 1 c. yogurt and 3/4 c. juice on the top.

    Blend on "liquify" for about 2 minutes, stirring (with the power OFF) occasionally.

    Once I got the swing of it I put a spoon through the top hole of my blender to help things along. Never put it too deep if you attempt this.

    Pour into a glass, and enjoy. Top with whip cream if desired.

    Please note that these can easily be made into alcoholic drinks by adding some coconut rum to them in the blender.... been there, done that!
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    Re: The BEST Fruit Summer Smoothies

    I'm really nice post. That's good. The best informative solution and ingredients.

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    Re: The BEST Fruit Summer Smoothies

    I like this recipe - Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie
    Coconut Milk
    Simple and tasty!)) Try!)

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