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    The Top 9 Foods You Should Never Buy

    Food is something that is extremely essential to nourish your body and give it the much needed energy to meet the day’s deadlines. Our ancestors were extremely healthy and energetic and the sole credit goes to the nutrient rich food they would consume. In today’s fast paced and hectic lives, people are least bothered about their families, let alone the food that they supply the body with. Here’s a list of the top 9 foods that are extremely hazardous to the well being of the mind and body and can cause serious damage in the long run. These are the foods you should never buy.

    1.) Fast food:
    Crisp thin crust pizzas and plump juicy minced beef patty crammed between two thick slices of sesame buns covered in gooey cheese and sauces may send your taste buds up to the heavens, but if you do not stop with these soon, you may soon earn yourself a ticket to heaven. These are unnatural foods that are a waste of money and poisonous.
    Fast food does consist lots of fats, sugar, and almost no nutrients.
    People who eat lots of fast food, get obese and die earlier. This is evident. Do you want to be one of them??

    2.) Gluten:
    This is something that does more harm than good to the body. It is a substance essential in making breads and pastries that you crave when under stress. The stickiness of the flour continues to stick to your internal organs causing severe damage and is one of the foods you should never buy, or at least cut back on.
    Gluten is addictive, and as the wheat crops have been changed so much since our grandparents time, there is not much natural left in eating bread. Gluten can cause acne, digestive problems, and has even said to support building cancer.

    3.The Top 9 Foods You Should Never Buy) Canned foods:
    The idea of buying canned pineapples, cherries and other such exotic fruits may appeal to you, but does it appeal to the body? It is filled with sugars and unnatural chemicals. How else do you expect a fruit to last for over a year when fruits bought from the market rot within a week?

    4.) Sugar:
    Sugar may add the much needed sweetness to you evening tea and morning pastries, but it harms your body in ways that you cannot imagine. It is addictive like a drug and is poisonous. It is much wiser to stick to cane sugar, agave, stevia, coconut crystals instead. These are natural and not refined unlike white sugar.

    5.) Corn syrup:
    One of the foods you should never buy is corn syrup. It is processed and unnatural. Almost every processed food that you buy contains traces of corn syrup. This extremely sweet liquid plays tricks with your body’s blood sugar level. It is one of the major causative agents of diabetes.

    6.) Pasteurized milk:
    All the nutrients all lost due to constant cooking of the milk. Always opt for almond or hemp milk. If you want to have “real” milk, please go for raw cow or raw goat milk. These are much healthier options.

    7.) GMO:
    Also known as genetically modified foods, these are the foods you should never buy. As many people are unaware of this category, it is always advisable to read through the minutely printed ingredients list. Once you spot it, put it back on the shelf.
    Pay attention to the fine print rather than the shiny, glossy cover of a product.
    Buying food is there pretty much the same than buying an insurance. Read the fine print.
    GMO free food is the best health insurance anyway.

    8.) Processed foods:
    These are the foods with very attractive, shiny packaging. It is best you stay away from them as they are chemically preserved and have absolutely no nutritional value. The more effort people put into marketing and packaging a food, the worse it is.
    Fruits and veggies come along with no fake cover. They shine by nature.
    They are real.
    There is a vast difference between the appearance of the food on the box and the contents inside which is proof enough.
    Please don´t be fooled by covers!

    9.) Plastic water bottles:
    Plastic water bottles should be shunned. The plastic when exposed to sunlight melts or at least starts to vaporate and since these chemicals have nowhere else to go, they mix with the water inside making it toxic. Instead opt for filtered water and drink them from glass bottles.

    I hope you enjoyed my article. Did I miss some foods?
    Please add them below in the comment box.
    All my love
    Your Nazmin Sarker
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