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    Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    I use fresh carrots and broccoli, but you could grab a bag of mixed veggies in the frozen section for a super easy/quick pot pie, just throw in steamer or microwave then continue with directions. I also do not add seasonings to this, you can if you would like. I suggest basil, pepper, salt, thyme, oregano…I love seasonings, others in the household do not :banghead:

    Pre-made Pie Crust (I use the store brand, but you could use Pillsbury)
    Crown of Broccoli cut into florets
    2 carrots cut into coins
    1 cup frozen sweet corn kernels
    1 cup rice (I use Uncle Ben’s white rice, ready in 20 minutes or the 90 sec rice)
    1 can Campbell’s Cream of Potato
    A Dash of milk or cream (1 glug worth)
    a stick of butter


    • Heat oven 350
    • Lay one pre-made pie crust in pie pan (I don’t need to grease mine, but maybe butter yours then lay the crust in, yum)
    • Cook rice according to directions or throw 90 sec rice in microwave
    • Put cut broccoli and carrots in steamer for 10 minutes
    • Put frozen corn in microwave for 2 minutes
    • Put rice, broccoli, carrots, corn, cream of potato and dash of milk all in a big bowl
    • Mix, then spoon into pie pan on top of bottom crust
    • I add a dollop of butter here and there on top of the vegetables
    • Lay the other pie crust on top of vegetables, pinch sides all the way around
    • Cut 4 slits in top of pie crust
    • Brush butter across the top of the pie
    • Put in oven for 25 minutes.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    Finally got the pictures in!!!!

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    Re: Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    Oooh nice and YAY on the pics!!!!!! Good job

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    Great job on the pics!

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    Re: Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    Made this tonight. Added some onions, used cream of mushroom soup. It turned out great! Hubby didn't even know it is vegetarian.

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    Re: Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    I love Pot Pie!
    I should toss one together before it gets too hot to use the oven this year!

    Great recipe! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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    Re: Pot Pie - Wicked Easy

    This looks delicious...will have to try it!

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