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    Newbie for Aussie land...

    HI Guys ,

    Just Joined after hearing about the site on EBN news, which I see some familiar people. I hope I will have time to join in. I am not really a great cook and seem to fail out cakes and muffins LOL I dont know why.
    I would love to be better, I love simply and quick recipes.
    I love to cook in the crockpot or slow cooker and would love to find recipes like curries and casseroles. Just starting winter in Australia so thinking of hearty meals.

    Hopefully join in soon !!!!

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    Re: Newbie for Aussie land...

    [MENTION=750]OzAndrea[/MENTION]! Great seeing u here!! Don't worry about not being a "great cook"...we're all here to share, learn, and HAVE FUN!

    Jump right on in and let's start cookin'!!

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    Re: Newbie for Aussie land...

    Welcome Andrea... Lets get cooking... Lol

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    Re: Newbie for Aussie land...

    glad to see you here!!

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    What's For Dinner?

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    Re: Newbie for Aussie land...

    Welcome over here Andrea, I'm not to good on the cakes either mine seem to turn out uneven no matter where I cook them.

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